Those noises in my head!


Last night was as usual, when I was trying to sleep with all those questions in my mind. These questions were regarding love, life and relationships. I am the kind of person who observes people behavior, impact of time, situations so minutely. This help me to understand what life has impacted on them, that forced them to behave that way. Regardless of time, some people are born to behave bad, have mood swings, have nature of being jealous etc. These kind of people really put me in trouble to understand actual meaning of love and relationships. For what is the real meaning of life? Is it me? Love? Relations? What actually? Why? How?

In society like India, we are grown up learning all the values of relationships, trust, respect of elders and other moral values. But at the same time, when your closed ones, with whom you share a defined relation tend to behave abnormal with you, I really start questioning the meaning of these relations. Two persons are definitely connected by a relation, and so other things like jealousy, selfish purposes also exists. Now if such things got to exist in a relation, where is love?

I strongly believe, where there is love, a relation is formed, without any official recognition from society. Suck kind of relations exist in our hearts and soul, and we carry it beyond our lives. Where there is a relation, love should definitely exists, else there is no meaning of that relation.

When I say “Love”, I mean love only, a connection, a bond of trust, understanding, support, sharing without any selfish purposes. Now consider a relation, people say we love each other but selfishness and other bad elements also exists, do you really want to call it as a true relation? For me its fake. I would rather ignore such people, such relations, as if they matter to me. I just want to keep it straight with the actual lovable people in my life no matter what others expect of me.

We really can’t live such kind of life for long, where you are ruining your true self and making others happy. What the result is, such people are never happy from you. Once you do a mistake, they will judge all your intentions and question your love for them. Now this is something really a pain to bear. People who want to be with you, anyhow they be with you, no matter what it cost to them. They are your true buddies and we should be very grateful to GOD for giving such a blessed life. A blessed life is not the life without any sorrows, a blessed life is how grateful we are to GOD for all things he gave us.

Our sole purpose is to live happily for all the good reasons, and for God has given us a life. Our purpose is not to make others happy, for everybody is responsible for self ultimately.

I am at peace to see and understand things from an above level. I pray to God to give me all the wisdom from time to time, to uplift my perceptions to a higher level, Amen!


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