Its Raining

Right now I am sitting in office and waiting the for the clock to tick 6:30 so that I can pack my bag and just live the evening. Its raining too. Oh my god! I am hearing too much horns from outside and I guess vehicles are jammed outside. I wish the window aside my desk would be transparent and I can see the rain outside. I love to look and experience rain along with a gentle breeze. When the rain drops randomly touch my body and give me relief along with sense of living in the moment. Everything seems so fresh, shining and alive. Before my marriage I never drop the chance of getting wet and dance in rain. What a long gap of 2 years that I did not danced or got wet in rain past my marriage. Raining is a natural thing and so it does make me realize that a human is such a puppet and a tiny particle for nature and its the nature that is the main controller but Poor man thinks he is the controller.

I just wonder if all the humans on earth can collectively take care of the nature. The nature supports us by giving us all the essential elements we need to survive. How can we destroy the life jacket that saves us? I guess man will take a lot of time to learn this. He is continue to take risks and destroy the nature.

its raining


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